ClickShip Delivers (Again!) - Cool New Features & Updates!

ClickShip was created with one simple purpose -

Simplify eCommerce Shipping!

Since its launch 2 years ago, we’ve managed to do that and save many $$ for you in the process.

But we are a restless bunch and we don’t rest on our laurels! 

We took your feedback and we spent hours and hours analyzing where we could make improvements.

And that’s just what we’ve done with our latest updates to ClickShip.

Below you will find summaries for each feature, including:

  • Description of the feature,
  • A video that explains the feature,
  • Further resources to help you use the feature better (where applicable)

Ship It Page (update)

What’s In: You can now access all your shipping information on a dedicated page with easy-to-read cards, with the option to make changes without going to a different screen. 

What’s gone: No more popups and no need to re-enter information to make changes! 

Ship It Page

For details on how to use this feature, access this resource PDF


Billings Page (update)

What’s In: You can now see your invoices and subscription information on a single screen and at the same time, with the option to make instant changes to your plan. You also get a reminder notice for unpaid invoices. 

What’s gone: No need to click on two different buttons to view separate popups for subscription plan and invoices!

Billings Page

For more details on how to use this feature, access this resource PDF


 Shipping Rules (new feature)

What’s In: You can now apply shipping rules to automate and simplify the shipping process even more than it already was. These rules can befor real-time rates at checkout or your ClickShip orders based on order weight, order value and shipping destination.

What’s gone: Having to manually edit your ClickShip orders to your preferences.

Shipping Rules

 For details on how to use this feature, access this resource PDF


Import Missing Orders (new feature)

What’s In: The new ‘Import Missing Orders’ button allows you to import missing orders for your Amazon, eBay or Etsy store (if they are integrated with your ClickShip account) by just entering the missing order IDs

What’s gone: Having to contact customer support to add your missing orders.

Import Missing Orders_1


We  hope you find these updates and features useful!

Still have questions? Reach out to us here 


Ankur Khurana

Written by Ankur Khurana

Content Writer at Freightcom