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Expedited Courier Package Services for Canada, USA & International Delivery

Freightcom is the leading shipping platform for domestic, transborder and international courier delivery of documents and packages worldwide. Businesses large and small enjoy our comprehensive easy-to-use shipping solution, from 1-person start-ups to large established enterprises. 

With exclusive discounted real-time courier rates from our top couriers, you’re assured of the most cost-effective shipping transaction and your business can be confident that your packages and parcels will be delivered by the world’s most reputable couriers.

Freightcom offers many cost savings advantages because we’ve negotiated the best volume shipping rates possible and we pass all the savings to our Freightcom customers, like you.

Expedited courier package services

Freightcom Provides:


More Savings

Exclusive real-time courier rates when you ship with us.


More Choices

Choose from a range of top couriers to fit your specific needs.


Fewer Invoices

We offer a consolidated software platform for better shipping management.

A Complete Courier Shipping Solution

When you ship using Freightcom, you get the latest service features offered by top tier couriers, PLUS ... you get the many benefits of using our end-to-end integrated shipping platform. With a simple single login to your Freightcom account, you can ship anywhere using your choice of different couriers and manage your pick-up requests, shipping documents, invoicing and tracking all in one easy-to-use integrated shipping system.

You get all the benefits of using the courier, plus, you get great Freightcom courier shipping features such as:

  • Instant discounted online shipping quotes from leading couriers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Import/export addresses
  • Shipping reports
  • Generate your own shipping labels
  • Schedule courier pickups
  • Full system integration capabilities
  • Email notification when packages are delivered
A complete courier shipping solution

New to Courier Services?

A courier service, in its simplest terms, is a company that is responsible for the delivery of packages, documents, parcels and any other type of mail between two parties. This delivery can be between businesses or between businesses and consumers.

Unlike national delivery services, courier delivery services are typically privately-owned companies that offer more competitive services such as door-to-door package delivery, seven-day-a-week delivery or same-day delivery.

Couriers play a pivotal role in supply chains and logistical networks, helping companies grow and reach global customers. Underpinned by technology, couriers have increasingly expanded capacity and flexibility to deal with consumer demand.

new to courier services? no problem

Freightcom Gives You Choice. Tips for Selecting a Courier

Couriers play a pivotal role in supply chains and vast logistical networks, helping companies grow by delivering packages and parcels to global customers. Courier delivery services typically offer door-to-door package delivery, seven-day-a-week delivery, or same-day delivery. Underpinned by technology, couriers have increasingly expanded capacity and flexibility to deal with increased demand.

There are many different courier services available within our Freightcom shipping platform, ensuring that you have a choice between top tier couriers based on your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you decide which courier is best for you.

Speed of delivery

Speed of Delivery

The delivery choices you provide your customers will affect the customer experience (CX) that your company offers. Find a courier that delivers at a speed that works for your customers.



At Freightcom we only provide courier services by the most reputable companies on the market. The well-known courier brands have a good reputation for a reason - because they deliver consistently.


Shipping Prices

Some customers want to pay more for faster shipping, while other customers want the lowest possible shipping costs. Freightcom’s cost-effective solution will ensure you get the best value for money from your chosen courier, by offering combinations of these service levels.


Tracking Capabilities

Do you need to ensure your customers can track their orders at every step of the delivery journey? Make sure you pick a courier with excellent tracking capabilities.

area covered

Areas Covered

Do you need a courier for deliveries across the country, across North America or around the world? Some couriers just operate in a single city, while others operate worldwide. Find a courier that works geographically for your company’s delivery needs.

Let's Get Started!

To set up a Freightcom account is a super quick and easy process.

When you login as a registered Freightcom user, and enter your courier shipment details, you’ll get an exclusive discounted shipping rate. Next, select a courier that meets your shipping needs, book the shipment, print labels and start shipping! It’s as simple as that.

Multiple shipments and destinations? No problem, it can all be done within the Freightcom shipping solution.

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