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Quick Spot Quotes For FTL & PTL
Shipping Services and More

Access Out-of-Contract Rates for Specialized or Time-Sensitive Shipping

What is a Spot Quote?

Spot quotes are special shipments that fall outside of normal LTL rates or services. You may need a spot quote when automated rates or services do not cover certain kinds of shipments due to the number of pallets, size, weight, or other lane restrictions.

For example, full truckload (FTL) and partial truckload (PTL) pallet shipping fall outside our automated LTL offering. Shipments such as these can require custom freight solutions.

Freightcom’s Spot Quote service can help your business find these solutions with ease and efficiency.

We Make Obtaining Spot Quotes Easy

Visual guide illustrating How We Make Obtaining Spot Quotes Easy



Fast, Flexible One-off Shipping for Your Business

Time Sensitivity

Same-day delivery can often fall outside contracted rates. Also, shipments that have strict delivery appointment windows with companies often require spot quotes.

Specialized Shipping Solutions

Unique solutions for specialized freight like refrigeration, same-day shipping, Amazon shipments with strict appointments, air freight, ocean load, oversized, FTL, PTL, and more!

Size, Weight, and Volume Restrictions

A typical LTL Freight load will fall between 1-6 pallets, or 100 to 10,000 lbs. Shipments that fall just outside these parameters, such as FTL and PTL shipments will require a spot quote.

Automation for Easier Quotes

No more calling multiple carriers and juggling spot rates. We take care of finding the right partner for your specialized shipment, with the best rates available at the time of booking.

End-to-End Customer Support

Our shipping experts are there for you to help with any shipment you make, from your initial spot quote to your final invoice.

Specialized Shipments

A typical freight contract will not include accommodations such as refrigerated (reefer) trucks, air freight, or ocean freight. These all require individual spot quotes.