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Grow Your Business
with Our Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Solutions that Scale with Your Business

Fulfillment Services Scaled to Your Needs

Has your business grown bigger than you expected? Has your garage started to feel more like a warehouse? Our Warehousing and Fulfillment service takes your business to the next level without the hassle and commitments of leasing a warehouse or hiring employees! We help you grow your business at your pace.

How Freightcom Fulfillment Works

Visual guide to Freightcom Fulfillment process
Ship Your Products to Our Fulfillment Warehouses

Deliver your products locally or globally to our fulfillment locations across Canada.
Store Your Products in Our Warehouses

We inspect your products thoroughly to ensure accuracy and quality control.
Access Your Inventory Remotely

Access Your Inventory Remotely

Integrate your online store with our Warehouse Management System for real-time inventory control.
Hands-Free Order Fulfillment

Hands-Free Order Fulfillment

Our Fulfillment team prepares your customers' orders at every step.
Reliable Shipping with Real-time Tracking

Reliable Shipping with Real-Time Tracking

Ship your orders with our top-tier partner carriers, complete with end-to-end tracking.

The Ultimate Fulfillment Service for Small Business Growth

Hands-Free Operation Hands-Free

Never lift another box! Store your inventory in our state-of-the-art warehouses where we fulfill orders from your eCommerce channels, ship merchandise, and even manage customer returns.

All the Benefits, Fewer Costs All the Benefits,
Reduced Costs

Putting fulfillment in our hands means you save on costs like staffing, warehouse space, equipment fees, and shipping. You experience high-level growth with lower overheads and an increased ROI.

Multi-Location Fulfillment Multi-Location

Reduce your shipping costs and transit times! Instead of shipping from one centralized location, our network of warehouses decreases the distance shipments travel to their end destinations.

Real-Time Inventory Management Real-Time
Inventory Management

Our platform seamlessly updates inventory data with every incoming order, giving you a real-time view of your products across platforms so you can be proactive with inventory control and distribution.

Flexibility of Operations Flexibility
of Operations

We offer unlimited scalability, customized operations, low overhead and no long-term lease agreements with a wide range of size and complexity.

Returns Management Returns

We take the pain out of returns for your business with end-to-end reverse logistics solutions, including prepaid shipping labels, order returns, and reports.

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