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International Shipping Services
for Parcel, Pak, and Envelope

Shipping Internationally from Canada or the US has Never Been Easier

Localized Solutions for Global Shipping

Shipping a parcel, PAK, or envelope worldwide from Canada or the US can be a complicated task. Get amazing rates on shipping on IPS (international parcel services) anywhere outside North America with the same easy-to-use Freightcom platform!

With features like integrated dashboards, customs documentation, instant label printing and more, our platform simplifies shipping Internationally.

Top 3 Factors for Choosing the Right International Courier

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Making the Shipping Experience Better
Helping Businesses Reach New Heights

Freightcom is focused on making the shipping experience better for every small-to-medium business. Our easy-to-use platform is designed with one goal in mind: to help you grow your business faster, and easier.

From our robust selection of leading international carrier partners and their wide range of overseas shipping services to our heavily discounted rates and top-tier customer support system, you know that your international shipping strategy is in the best hands.


The 3 International Shipping Services

International Shipping - Parcel MB


Parcel refers to lighter, smaller items packaged in a shipping box. Typically, parcels are packages weighing 100 pounds or less and can be moved without assistance.

Need to ship heavier packages? Our extensive international carrier network allows for overweight and oversized packages as well. Shipping a package internationally has never been easier.

International Parcel Shipping Services
International Parcel Shipping Services
Bubble Mailer Shipping Services


Sometimes called a Bubble Mailer, PAK refers to large, plastic envelopes, lined on the inside with bubble wrap. This is most common for items that are not large or heavy enough to require parcel boxes and can be ideal for international shipping.

This shipment type is becoming very popular for certain eCommerce merchants selling a variety of products.

International Shipping - Envelope MB


Envelopes are the most common and effective method of shipping documents internationally. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.5”x6” to 10”x13”.

Envelopes can be a cost-effective way of shipping many types of documents worldwide.


Shipping Envelope Internationally

We Streamline Your International Courier Shipping


International Shipping that Goes the Distance

From North America to Anywhere From North America
to Anywhere

Access leading couriers to ship Parcel, Pak, and Envelope from Canada or the US to any global destination, with exclusive rates from international shipping companies.

Import Customs Management Import
Customs Management

Our automated platform helps you manage all your paperwork, including customs documents, ensuring fewer processing errors and reducing chargebacks.

Tracking with International Couriers Tracking with
International Couriers

We offer end-to-end, and real-time tracking with selected couriers. No matter what you ship, or where you ship it, you can track your whole journey.

Consolidated Invoicing Across Services Consolidated Invoicing
Across Services
Manage all your international and domestic shipping invoices in a single dedicated dashboard in either CAD or USD.
Trusted International Parcel Services Trusted International
Parcel Services
We partner with the most trusted international parcel carriers in the industry to give you and your customers across the world peace of mind.
End-to-End Customer Support End-to-End
Customer Support
No matter where in the world you need to ship, our highly-trained experts are nearby to help at every step of the shipping journey.
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