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Shipping Simplified

We Streamline Your Shipping Process

Freightcom has over 10 years of shipping technology experience in the freight industry and has become the leading shipping solution, offering the best discounted shipping rates in the industry.

Our Freightcom and ClickShip technology platforms are innovative, easy-to-use shipping solutions that can help to optimize your shipping process and lower the shipping costs for your business.

We’ve transformed the entire process of calling a carrier, obtaining a rate, booking a shipment tracking the shipment, confirming delivery and much more. 

Sourcing your own rates from multiple carriers can be too slow, too difficult and too time-consuming, so streamline your process by using our Freightcom technology that can integrate, consolidate and improve the entire end-to-end shipping process. 

Shipping Simplified

By simplifying this process, Freightcom has filled a void in the market and helped improve the shipping and delivery experience of countless small, medium and large businesses across Canada and the USA.

We’re not only highly motivated to optimize the entire shipping process but we also negotiated the best shipping costs that we pass directly onto you, allowing your business to benefit from significant cost savings on all your shipping requirements using the real-time discounted rates you choose from, every time you ship.

It’s pretty simple really.

Simplify the shipping process

Simple Shipping Solutions for all Types of Deliveries


Pallet (LTL)

Less than truckload shipping



Package, Small Parcels, Letters / Documents

Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Large Items such as Furniture



Online Store Integration with ClickShip

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