We just don’t tell you we care, we show you with every shipment entrusted to us

As a young company, we figured out the fundamental elements we needed to execute successfully to make FreightCom a winner from the get go. These included:

  1. Negotiating rates that the small to midsize shipper could not attain directly
  2. Perfecting our proprietary technology to offer a customer-friendly online user experience
  3. Offering all the shipping tools, reporting and consolidated billing necessary to manage your transportation buying effectively

Freightcom staff truly go the extra mile, every hour of every day

What ties these 3 elements together into one super package is what we call Freightcom Care. It’s our documented process to humanize our digital world approach to shipping. It’s our dedicated team members that communicate with you on every point of concern you may have.

Leading the Way with Freightcom Care

Zul Kermally
Turab Kermally
Jabir Alidana
Maliha Remtula
Nabihah Kanji
Priya Thallamudi
Naaz Khan
jay Pizzo
Irfan Kermally

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