LTL freight on a pallet

We cover Canada and the USA from coast to coast

FreightCom has been many years in the making and our LTL (Less Than Truckload) network for your pallet based shipping is certainly one of our strong suits. We have negotiated deeply discounted rate schedules based on the combined volume of all of our customers. That gives us the ability to offer our small to midsize shipper clients rates that will save you money every time you ship with FreightCom.

We are not a transportation company but rather a technology solution that brings convenience, choice and savings to you. Plus, by placing your transportation buys with us, you get management reports and simplified, consolidated billing.

LTL freight on pallet

The fewer skids you have, the more competitive our rates are

It’s not usually the case, but our rate structures are skewed towards offering even deeper discounts for shipments of 1-6 pallets. Why? Because we learned that is where you need us most! Even on highly competitive lanes like Toronto-Montreal, as a FreightCom customer, you will save money on every pallet shipped.

How do we do it? We discovered a need in the marketplace and over several years made a significant investment to develop the software which enables FreightCom to offer this game-changing technology. Geared specifically to the small to midsize shipper, you can Ship Easy and Save More with FreightCom.

LTL freight on pallet

Our pallet freight service offers great coverage and cost savings

The dedicated team at FreightCom is extremely proud of the capacity, coverage and competitive rates we can make available to you. Our system allows you to pick from multiple carriers, carriers you have come to trust but now, through FreightCom, you can take advantage of our buying power to use the best for less. Yes, delays can happen and problems can occur due to variables like weather, construction, breakdowns and improper documentation. We can’t make that disappear but by carefully choosing our tier one carriers and having a dedicated CSR on your account, we minimize these occurrences and address any issues that arise with our Freightcom Care customer satisfaction protocol.

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