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We’ve invested the time and technology to save you time and money

It’s pretty simple really. We have developed game changing technology that allows you to choose from select carriers and receive beneficial rate structures. The pre-negotiated rates are something we’ve put in place based on the combined volume of all our FreightCom customers.

In this case, the smaller your current shipping volumes are, the more you will save with FreightCom. Our focus is on shipping within and between Canada and the USA for courier, palletted freight (Less Than Truckload) and truckload too. We’ve also introduced solutions for:

  • International mail – FC POST
  • Home delivery of your larger retail purchases – FC HOME
  • Complete eCommerce delivery requirements
Online freight shipping

Large shippers benefit too

For those shippers with large enough volumes to match our heavily discounted rate structure, we have solutions for you as well. FreightCom can load your negotiated rates into our robust system to allow you to comparison shop with ease, within your chosen carrier pool. It simplifies the duties for your procurement department and gives you access to our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting and detailed analytics. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by engaging FreightCom for your transportation procurement process.


Why our solution works throughout Canada and the USA

Because the FreightCom model is a self-serve scenario for shippers, you can compare rates and book multiple shipments to destination throughout Canada and the USA – even worldwide for mail and courier requirements. Then, the features tools are in place to easily track each shipment and receive a consolidated invoice from FreightCom for easier administration of your monthly transportation payables.

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