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ClickShip to Shine Brighter for Customers!

Posted on Feb 5, 2021 12:00:00 AM by Ankur Khurana

We're very happy to announce that we've brought on board Prakhar Aditya (Adi) Prakhar as the new Director of Growth for your favourite eCommerce solution, ClickShip!

Adi joins our team as part of Freightcom's acquisition of Ontario-based firm PrepBox, of which Adi was the founder and CEO. Through his work with PrepBox, Adi has helped shape the eCommerce fulfillment landscape across Canada.

We're excited to add Adi's passion and experience for fulfillment and eCommerce to Freightcom's leadership! 

Kamran Malik, Freightcom's Director of Marketing & Growth, sat down for a chat with Adi, where the latter talked about his passion for eCommerce and his customer-first approach to everything that he does!

Listen to the interview below. If you prefer reading, we have also included a transcript of the interview. Consume the content as you wish :) 



Kamran: Adi, thank you so much for sitting down with me. This is the first opportunity that we've had to sit down and chat. So thanks for taking the time out. Would you kindly please introduce yourself? And what is it that you do? 

Adi: Thanks, Kamran. My name is Prakhar Aditya Dwivedi. And all of us can call me Adi.

I have been working as an eCommerce fulfillment specialist, starting 2018. I’ve been working in that space and learning a lot about the work. I started the company AMZ Prep and worked with the organization for some time and then eventually started another company called PrepBox box. That company focused mainly on eCommerce fulfillment, which catered to not only Amazon, but also Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce and many such marketplaces. We did a lot of wholesale orders, we did a lot of retail orders, and we were able to understand the entire business.

Kamran: That is a very appropriate, budding and opportune industry to get into at this stage. Tell me, I'm curious to know, how did you find yourself in the eCommerce and fulfillment industry?

Adi: The eCommerce industry is budding and has been buzzing for a very long time. And when I came here, I understood that there are a lot of people who are looking to sell products online but there are very few people who want to handle those. And that's where I thought that it's a big opportunity and is going to become a big, big opportunity in the future. So why don't we soil while our hands today itself on this and try to learn the business? And that's where it all got started. 

Kamran: Wow. That's fantastic. Tell me a little bit more about AMZ Prep and PrepBox. What specifically were the services that you offered? And who did you serve? 

Adi: So we served almost every single category of customers who do fulfillment online through eCommerce channels - it may be Amazon FBA, where you do the FN-SKU labeling and prepping and then you know, packing everything and sending it across, maybe cross-border shipping of Amazon FBA products, or Shopify sellers who are very clear that people come to their website and you move around the products for them. And we also did it for influencer marketing guys, we did it for standalone sellers who are trying to sell their products online in a bulk way. Eventually we received the bulk order, and then we moved it around for them. We did a lot of crowdfunding projects and we were able to be quite successful in meeting expectations. So that we were able to touch base into different categories. 

One of the biggest categories was dropshipping. That actually opened up our vision big time because we found somebody who was doing almost 700-800 orders per day. And that was an amazing experience which we had. So that way, we tested every single side of fulfillment. 

Kamran: That's amazing. That sounds really cool! Tell me what are your thoughts or insights on the present status of the eCommerce, dropshipping and fulfillment industry? What are people talking about? What's the buzz in this industry? 

Adi: I think the buzzword is “When am I getting in?” Who is already in? And what are you trying to do with that? I believe that this industry is going to grow. Now, it was said by someone, I don’t remember who, that the way things have happened after 2000 with IT, the same thing is going to happen with the Supply Chain industry after 2020. And when I say so, I would also want to back it up with another understanding that moving forward it is no longer the products or the companies that are going to compete with each other. It is the supply chain of these products and the supply chain of the companies which is going to differentiate the product in the market. Because the customer in today's world is in need of a product and it has to be as soon as possible. It is in the hands of the customer. 

Kamran: That whole instant gratification kind of that element, the Amazon effect with Prime 24-hour delivery - other retailers have to be able to compete with those timelines to stand up. That's great, very interesting! Tell me what, how did you and Freightcom or ClickShip come together? How did this come about? 

Adi: That's a very interesting question. So I have been able to work along with every single competitor. But Freightcom is one of the companies that I was a little intimidated by. And I would want to use that word for a reason. Freightcom was, I felt, quite big, and I was preparing myself to come to Freightcom. I wanted to reach a certain volume so that I could come here and then stay with them - that was the kind of thought process I had. In the process, what I learned is that Freightcom looks big from the outside and is actually big, but when I entered the net, I found that Freightcom is so easy to work with. The people are so great, you know, to collaborate with. And that opened up much bigger avenues for me. 

Kamran: So let's talk about those avenues. I mean, people are kind of inquisitive and they kind of want to know what that means. So why don't we tell our listeners and viewers what that means? 

Adi: I think one thing that I'm chasing is a more progressive way in which we can cater to our clients. That is one goal I have, I always keep clients first and clients’ interests first. And I kept that in mind even when I defined a strategy for both AMZ Prep and for PrepBox.

When I came to Freightcom, I met the leadership over here and I understood that they were doing exactly the same thing. That chimed so well with me that I never felt that, you know, that if I did this myself it would be any different from me doing this as a part of this team. The nature of the thought process - what we can do for the clients, the different opportunities that we can generate, and the kind of functionalities and options we have right now - in the form of shipping, in the form of tech, in the form of support - all of that activity just thrills me. So I felt that this is a place where I should certainly spend my future.




Kamran: We're very happy to have you. I think you’re a pretty, pretty good find! Tell me what you are going to be doing at ClickShip. 

Adi: I've joined ClickShip as the Director of Growth. ClickShip as at a certain stage right now. We have seen that ClickShip has the capability of going to almost every possible uncharted territory associated with eCommerce selling, eCommerce fulfillment, eCommerce management, overall, and the overall eCommerce supply chain management process. And there is only a certain portion of ClickShip that has been exposed to the clients. But there is a big, big opportunity that awaits - the work is already getting started. 

Kamran: Amazing! So what is it that you're working on right now? What can Freightcom and ClickShip customers expect to see from you in the near future? 

Adi: In a word, if I have to define it, it is simplicity in operations. So as the word ClickShip suggests, we are mainly focusing on attaining that. How do we live up to the expectation of the name which we have given to the company? So I do not want clients to come here and spend more and more time on the product. I want to make sure that I enable customers to come here, look at the things, click as less as possible, and get the desired result. 

Kamran: And what result is that?

Adi: That result is all about the movement of their products within a very short span of time, from the time orders come in.

Kamran: And in a cost-effective manner!

Adi: In the most cost-effective manner because you're already working with Freightcom, which I believe is a pioneer and leader when it comes to packet shipping or LTL freight. 

Kamran: Sure, sure. Well, Adi, I think I've taken enough time from you this afternoon. I know you've got things on the roll. I look forward to future conversations and we're going to dig deeper and try to extract some of that extensive knowledge and experience that you have that I know for sure our listeners and our customers can benefit from. Thanks again.

Adi: I really appreciate your time as well. Thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to some meaningful conversations!


Ankur Khurana

Written by Ankur Khurana

Content Writer at Freightcom

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