How Emily O'Brien Keeps Her Business Edge Using the Chambers Shipping Program

When Freightcom partnered with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to introduce the Chambers Shipping Program last month, we wanted to dull the edge of COVID-19’s blow.

Since the Program’s launch, many Chambers coast to coast have signed up and educated their members about the benefits of the Program.

And while we knew that the Program would be well-received by Chamber members, little did we know that so many business owners would be positively impacted by it!

Here's one such business owner -- Emily O’Brien.

Owner of popcorn brand Comeback Snacks, Emily is part of the Hamilton Chamber and a very happy participant of the Chambers Shipping Program!   

In this video, she talks about her experience of being a Chamber member and the numerous ways in which her business has benefitted from the Chambers Shipping Program.

If you’re an entrepreneur, take note of what Emily has to say!


Comeback CSP Testimonial (Open Captions)


As Emily says, there's not better time than now for you to be part of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce! 

Reach out to your local Chamber to understand how you can become a member.

You can also reach out to our sales team to immediately reap the rewards of the Chambers Shipping Program. 


Ankur Khurana

Written by Ankur Khurana

Content Writer at Freightcom