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Freight Audit Services to
Lower Your Overhead

Avoid Unnecessary Fees with Our Comprehensive Auditing Service

Don’t Let Inaccurate Billing Happen to You

No matter how careful a shipper and a carrier are, mistakes will happen from time to time. It can be easy for errors on your shipping invoices to go unnoticed. With Freightcom’s Freight Audit service, you can significantly reduce billing errors, gain useful insights into your shipping activities, and better manage your shipping expenses.


Regular Audits Help You Ship Smarter

Visual circle shape guide illustrating How Regular Audits Help You Ship Smarter

Catch Issues Early

Recurring billing errors can add up over time. Timely freight audits can identify billing errors before they become a costly recurring issue.

Gain Insights into Your Shipping

Regular auditing allows you to analyze carrier performance and shipping history enabling you to be more proactive in optimizing your supply chain management.

Audits Help You Ship Smarter

Go beyond catching billing errors. Regular audits can help lower overheads long-term and can be important in your supply chain management strategy.

Common Shipping Invoice Errors

rates-and-service-errors Rate
These can include mistakes in the delivery rate, fuel surcharges, and weight and dimensional input.
Calculation Errors Calculation

These can include errors in calculating tariffs, taxes, and duties, including additional taxes such as VAT and GST.

Clerical Errors Clerical

These can include incorrect billing or delivery addresses, an inaccurate or incomplete bill of lading, and duplicate invoices.

integration errors Integration
These errors may happen as a result of incorrect or incomplete API integration or EDI interfacing.
service-errors Service
These can be the result of errors in transit times, accessorial fees, and general carrier usage.
duplicate-invoicing Duplicate
Duplicate invoicing can cause a number of issues that can affect your business’ overhead, bookkeeping, and data entry.