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Centralized Billing and Invoicing
Across Multiple Freightcom Accounts

Improved Visibility, Enhanced Efficiency, and More Control with Freightcom Enterprise

All Your Billing and Invoicing on One Easy Platform

In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency is key. But for companies with multiple locations or operating units, managing shipping logistics can often feel like navigating a maze of complexities and challenges. For Freightcom customers who manage multiple accounts, Freightcom Enterprise can make things easier.
All Your Billing and Invoicing on One Easy Platform

Total Visibility of Your Entire Logistic Network

Seamless Tax Reporting
Freightcom Enterprise provides detailed information on your shipping costs which makes tax reporting easier by allowing the generation of accurate reports for tax compliance.
Shipment Charge Locator
Shipping charges from all your accounts can be viewed at once when you search by carrier, date, transaction number, or tracking number through this centralized platform.
Additional Reporting
Gain valuable insights into your shipping behavior with our Breakdown Report and Reconciliation report, download the reports for your own analysis, and keep a record of the reports generated within the platform.
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Benefits of Consolidated Billing and Invoicing

Consolidated Account Management Consolidated Account Management
Our intuitive interface consolidates all your accounts into one centralized dashboard for seamless management.
Effortless Billing and Accounting Effortless Billing and Accounting
The billing process becomes simpler when all of your shipping charges from all your accounts are automatically consolidated in one place.
Streamlined Payments Streamlined Payments
Your invoices can now be paid directly on Freightcom’s Enterprise Portal across multiple accounts.
Accounts Receivable and Payable Management Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
Accounts payable and receivable management has never been easier through our dedicated dashboard to ensure visibility, allowing for cash flow management and enhanced visibility.
Intuitive Search Function Intuitive Search Function
Hone in on specific shipment charges across all your linked Freightcom accounts for increased control and visibility.
Reduced Errors Reduced Errors
Avoid potential common billing and invoicing errors such as missed payments, double-billing, and more.

Sign Up for Enterprise-Level Management

Never let the intricacies of overseeing several accounts stall your business. Try Freightcom Enterprise and experience a new way to manage your shipping costs.
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Signup and onboarding is quick and easy, so you can start streamlining the billing, invoicing, and more across all your Freightcom accounts fast.
account management
The Freightcom Enterprise platform is infinitely scalable, making it an elegant account management solution for businesses at multiple stages of growth.
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Don’t hesitate! Contact your account manager for more information on how to open an enterprise account with Freightcom.