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Business Never Stopped, but What Is It like Being Back in the Office?

The offices at Freightcom are now reopened for business!

Don't worry, plexiglass, temperature checks, and masks are now the norm. Check out what our employees have to say about what it's like being back in the office and how qurantine has been going for them so far. 

What is your name and what do you do here at Freightcom?

Nicole : My name is Nicole and i'm the creative director here at Freightcom.

Hassan: My name is Hassan, i’m a business development manager here at Freightcom. 

Daniel : My name is Daniel Panza. I’m the ClickShip specialist, I onboard customers, answer brief questions and get ClickShip customers sorted and on our platform. 

Piratheepan: My name is Piratheepan and i’m the user experience designer here at Freightcom.  

Lisa : My name is Lisa Ceolin and I'm a member of the customer success team here at Freightcom. 

Alberta: My name is Alberta and I'm actually an accounting clerk here at Freightcom. 


What’s your favorite part about being back in the office?

Nicole : My favourite part is being back with my team. I love collaborating with them and it’s totally different when it’s in person.

Hassan: My favourite part about being back in the office is seeing my fellow coworkers and just getting back to our regular daily routine. 

Daniel: What I like most about being back in the office… Definitely seeing everybody's face again. Getting back to real life. I feel like I'm more involved when I'm back in the office. 

Piratheepan: Seeing my old coworkers. The dynamic and actually interacting with them, it’s not the same when it’s over the internet and you’ve just messaging them. 

Lisa: I would say my favourite part would be being back in a collaborative environment  with all of our team members. I really enjoy being part of the Freightcom team and being back together in our collaborative environment. 

Alberta: It’s the interaction, like having the group of people around us and being able to have professional conversations but also being to also have personal conversations. Having the support without feeling like you're trapped in a room alone.. 

What do you miss most about working from home ?

Nicole: My cats…. 

Hassan : I miss not having to commute every single day and having the regular lifestyle of just being at home.

Daniel: I had my daily routine when i was working from home. Definitely had my set schedule of when i do things and when i had my calls or my meeting. Definitely love saving gas. I think my number 1 answer would be my routine. 

Piratheepan: Not gonna lie, sleeping in. I used to sleep, wake up at 8:30 am, get ready and eat breakfast all in the span of 20 minutes. Then I'd open my laptop and get to work. Also another good thing was that when i finished work, i would have enough time to go do exercise and properly prepare dinner for once. But you know there are always sacrifices, I would gladly take seeing my coworkers over sleeping in, anyday. 

Lisa: Just having my kids around and them being in the background. 

Alberta: Just being able to wake up 20 minutes before my shift and rolling out of bed to start work. And then knowing when i’m done at 5 i’m literally at home at 5.

Since the pandemic has started have you picked up any good or bad habits?

Nicole : Definitely a good habit I've picked up would be waking up early and working out frome home. 

Hassan : I did a juice diet, it didn’t go that well. 

Daniel: Good habit, definitely sanitizing my hands. 

Piratheepan: I focused more on my personal hobbies such as drawing and i also started streaming ( it wasn’t really my thing.) Bad habits, I became more lazy, stopped working out, and made more excuses about why I stopped working out. Yeah I was just more sluggish, there was less incentive to really do anything after work. 

Lisa: I would say one of the most positive takeaways for me would be taking a step back learning to be happy with who and what I have. 

Alberta: I’ve always been really on time for things but I think the quarantine has caused me not to be. Simply because you underestimate traffic. So when quarantine was going on it was a lot easier to get essential things and you didn't have to worry about traffic.

What are you most looking forward to doing when everything re-opens?

Nicole : Planning my wedding. I still want to get married and still want to have a big party… So May 15th 2021!

Hassan: Going back to the gym. 

Daniel: Going to dinner, that’d be my number one thing. Hanging out with friends.

Piratheepan: I'm looking forward to just going back to the bar with my friends. Crack a cold one with the boys on a saturday night. It sounds so simple but i miss that environment. You know going outside and not worrying about that you gotta be six feet apart, gotta wear a mask, and follow all these protocols. But you know, we’ve got to do it anyways. 

Lisa: All you can eat sushi.

Alberta: I want to travel. I think quarantine has really put things into perspective. I’ve gotten so used to having that routine of being within that comfort zone and not travelling. So once everything is settled and comfortable, I want to take that solo trip. 

What’s it like to be working for a company like Freightcom?

Nicole: Working for a company like Freightcom is amazing. Everyday there’s something new, something exciting and no two days are ever the same. You never know what to expect, you’re never bored and constantly challenged. I love my job.

Hassan: Working for Freightcom is the best. Getting to be in this kind of environment surrounded by great people and great management  and overall having great support definitely helps. It's very encouraging to come here every single day to be supported by everybody. Everybody at Freightcom wants you to succeed. 

Daniel: It’s great. A lot of perks and a lot of friendly people. I’m allowed to share my ideas which is really great. Opportunities to have learning experiences are tremendous. Everybody’s very helpful.

Piratheepan: It’s really gratifying because one, it’s not too big of a company but also it’s not too small a company that you’re wearing multiple hats. You also feel like you’re making an impact.  All the work I'm doing in terms of design I feel as though all actually goes towards a common goal that we have here as a team. 

Lisa: I’ve been here for a year and a half and I would say Freightcom is definitely a company like no other.  I would say it’s a game changer in the industry and what I love about Freightcom is that the sky's the limit when it comes to where you wanna be in your career. 

Alberta: I would say amazing. The one thing that i really love is the fact that there is that open door vibe to the environment so you’re able to speak to everyone from the boss to somebody from another department. It’s just very family orientated and I love that. I’ve never felt more recognized in a job. At Freightcom you’re not just someone who’s clocking in and going about your business so that’s the one thing that i value the most. 


Written by freightcom