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Why Excellent Shipping Will Differentiate Your Company’s Customer Experience (CX)
The customer experience (CX) is crucial for the success of your company, but what you may not know is exactly what the customer experience is, why it’s so impor...
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What is Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping and How Can it Benefit Your Business?
Do you often find that your company is shipping freight that doesn’t fill an entire truck, resulting in the waste of money and your bottom line taking a signifi...
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How Your Small Business Can Save Money on Rising Logistics Costs
There’s no doubt about it, logistics costs can be expensive for your small business. The costs for sourcing materials, purchasing custom packaging, storing your...
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Freightcom Launches New Ebook Looking at the Importance Shipping Plays in Customer Experience (CX)
Are you looking to improve your customer experience (CX) but there seems to be something your B2B or eCommerce business isn’t quite getting right? It could be t...
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Freightcom is Proud to Announce the Launch of Our New eCommerce Shipping Solution, ClickShip
Freightcom is proud to announce the launch of its new, innovative eCommerce shipping solution CickShip, which has been specifically designed to help online stor...
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4 Reasons why Custom Packaging is Essential for Your eCommerce Brand
We all love to open packages, whether it’s Christmas Day, our birthday or after we have purchased a product online. That’s why custom packaging is an essential,...
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Improve Your Company’s Order Fulfillment Processes With These 4 Tips
Whether you are shipping freight across Canada, to the US or worldwide, your B2B or eCommerce company will know just how important fast and efficient order fulf...
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15 eCommerce Shipping Statistics That Your Online Business Cannot Afford to Ignore
Investing in your B2B or B2C eCommerce company’s shipping strategy has never been so important. Providing a good delivery experience can drive additional revenu...
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