How To Overcome Common LTL Shipping Challenges!

Shipping any type of products and/or goods is the lifeblood of our economy. Being able to get your company’s product where it needs to be is the only way to put it in the hands of the consumers that use it, and as such, shipping will be an integral part of your company's overall operation to achieve the goal. There are numerous terms within the shipping industry, but one that stands out to most people is shipping LTL (Less-than-truckload). It's incredibly common, and here at Freightcom- we don’t mean to toot our own horn- but we are the leaders for this type of shipping.

At Freightcom, we have mastered the many moving parts of shipping LTL. We love the thousands of details and process that go into making our shippers, their vendors, and most importantly the end-consumer happy.

So, backing up just a bit, just in case the LTL capitalization throws you off...

Shipping LTL refers to 'Less Than Truckload'. These are shipments that won't fill the whole truck. It could be sing or multiple pallets, which does not take a full truck space then your shipment will be considered “LTL” freight. There are several challenges associated with this, and understanding some of them is the key to overcoming them.

So we have combined a list of the 4 biggest upfront challenges you'll face when shipping LTL freight:

  1. Finding a carrier can sometimes be tricky

There are several carriers that handle LTL shipments regularly and finding the perfect one is the
first challenge. Not all carriers will handle these types of shipment, so you'll need to track down the ones that will. Oh, and when you get to the rate section, you'll see that finding the BEST carrier for that exact shipment, isn't always the easiest task. But, more on that later. Here at Freightcom, we have done all the hard work for you! We have partnered up with the most trustworthy and reliable carriers who provide LTL shipping, and YOU have the choice to select the carrier, price and ETA that best suits your company’s and customer’s needs!

  1. Freight Class- don’t play the guessing game! 

Knowing your freight class is vital to getting an accurate rate and avoiding a re-class or dealing with correcting an invoice. Want to know exactly how to pick the right freight class? There are two ways:

  1. a) Shipping Domestic Canada: When shipping LTL in Canada, you don’t need a specific freightclass, but what you do need is a “density calculator”. Lucky for you, Freightcom’s automated shipping platform provides a density calculator that you can fill out just as you are placing the order!
  2. b) Shipping Cross Border or Domestic U.S.: When either shipping LTL cross border (Canada –U.S.) or domestic U.S., for LTL you will need the NMFC code and Freight Class. This can be a bit tricky, but if you call our operations team- they are in expert in this matter! They can be reached at 1-877-335-8740 ext. 175 or by e-mail at operations
  3. LTL Freight Rates are another issue for many.

Your LTL shipping rates are determined by a few contributing factors including pick up and destination postal/ zip codes, class, weight, and any additional services. Rates vary, and it's important to track down the perfect carrier that offers your company the best rates, while still providing solid service. So, how do you know you are getting the best one?

You have the choice to either:

a.) Do a lot of work to set up contracts (which you'd have to maintain & renew or renegotiate each year!)

b.) Send out mass emails or make a bunch of phone calls to get rates for that one shipment (phew, that is a lot of time spent!)

c.) Choose Freightcom for all of our LTL Shipping! I said it before and I will say it again- we do all the hard work for you! We have already negotiated contracts with the top trusted carriers in the business and with our platform YOU are in full control! So why not simplify the shipping process.

  1. Transit time is important for any shipment

A problem with some LTL shipments is that they're given a lower priority than other shipments. Why? It has, in part, something to do with how attractive your freight is to a carrier. As a result, your shipment could take longer to reach the destination. Going back to the finding a carrier and rates point, again, how do you know you are getting the best transit time? Well, here at Freightcom, all of our customer’s shipments are valuable to us and no matter the volume your company provides, when you are placing the shipment on our system, you are able to choose the carrier and rate as well as, the transit time that is best suits your needs!

All of these issues have to be considered with every LTL shipment, which can end up taking you time and becoming a stressful hassle to some. To avoid the issue, turning to a third party shipping logistics company, like Freightcom would help! The combination of connections and experience means you'll get the best shipping results without having to deal with the hassles.

So don’t delay, create a FREE account with Freightcom today!

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