LTL Shipping- Driving Companies Benefits!

You may have heard of the term “LTL” or “LTL Shipping” and wonder “what is that?”

PalletsWell, LTL refers to Less-Than-Trucking Shipping, which essentially consists of a pallet and it combines shipments from multiple customers so you don’t need an entire truck.  Interested in learning more? Well, let’s focus on the benefits of LTL shipping and what Freightcom has to offer!

Have A Variety of Options and Save Money?

Yep, you heard that right!

When comparing to other available methods of shipping, LTL shipping is one of the most cost effective options. One of the main advantages of using an LTL carrier is that the shipment will be transported for a fraction of the cost of having to hire or rent an entire truck or trailer for the items.

Isn’t that a huge load off your shoulders?

Due to carriers moving numerous of shipments from a variety of different shippers, the freight carrier combines all of the shipments into a single truck. Thus, each shipper is essentially paying a certain portion of utilizing the truck or trailer. The concept is very similar to carpooling with friends and everyone pitches in for gas.

You Have Full Control!

With LTL shipping, you get to be the boss!

Full truckloads are often considered the way to go, however, this is practical only if the volume is there, which is a major concern for some companies. If companies begin to organize multiple-stop truckloads they will run into a couple of issues. First, this can be challenging and time consuming, as it is hard to coordinate and organize the orders, receivers, miles and distance so they all align properly. Another issue you will notice is that this process can be very expensive, sometimes more than what it’s worth!

Sounds scary right? Well, with LTL shipping you have the option to have more control and power when you have multiple loads of numerous small shipments.

There are pool programs such as pool distribution where a variety of truckloads for LTL shipments are taken to a staging area or dock facility and are then organized on multiple trucks for distribution. On the other hand, there is the pool consolidation option where multiple LTL shipments from various locations, bring the items to a central staging area for customer pickup or loading the shipments onto a truck for line haul.  You know what else? Pool programs adjust nicely to any last minute changes in orders and save you time and money over the multiple stop truckload option.

You can be flexible with creative shipping methods! 

When dealing with small LTL shipments whether it’s being shipped to many locations throughout the province, state or nationwide, LTL offers shippers some of the greatest flexibility. If you have several LTL shipments going to the same or similar places, with LTL you can help drive down the total cost by consolidating numerous shipments from multiple customers to create a load. This method allows companies to move smaller quantities of items at a lower price, while contributing to increase the truck’s capacity and efficiency for everyone involved. LTL is ideal for companies so you can benefit through cost, control and flexibility.

Why Freightcom?

Here at Freightcom, one of the core services we offer our customers is LTL shipping! We provide our customers with the power to choose their carriers, service type or the price; thus eliminating the typical “waiting game” involved with getting a rate. At Freightcom you can get instant rates for free! When choosing LTL, there are a number of additional services that we offer to complement this shipping method which include tailgate, weekend delivery, residential delivery and more.

Have any questions?

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