Shipping on Shopify!

Dreaming of this moment since you were a kid?

Well, with the blessing of technology, you can finally do it!

I…. am an ecommerce business owner? (insert BIG smile here)

Yes… YOU are an ecommerce business owner! (insert BIG pat on the back here)

We did it!

We are the superheroes of business – wearing every cape at any given moment in time. We might be small business owners, but we do it all, and then some.

So, fellow business owner, how is it going? Wearing all those capes can be exhausting, right? Anything you need help with?

Shipping you say?

Of course, we got you covered!

We understand that as a small ecommerce business owner, you have multiple responsibilities and although shipping isn’t the most exciting part of your business model, it can often be extremely time consuming and costly if not done properly.

E-commerce has changed customers overall shopping experience. When a customer drops something into their virtual ‘shopping cart’, many things can happen to disrupt the payment. One MAJOR transaction destroyer (dramatic, I know, but let’s stick with the superhero theme!) is the price of shipping. How do we fight this, Batman style?

You decide to counter the issue by offering flat rate shipping or free shipping on orders over a certain amount.  Great, problem solved! Another fantastic day in Gotham. Or is it? (Insert Joker’s evil laugh).

A few weeks of this solution and you quickly realize that flat rate/free shipping has seriously affected your bottom line- yikes!

Wait, what was it Robin had suggested?

He told you to reduce the costs of the shipping price by shopping around and looking for different carriers to see who has the best price for shipping. Is that the best option?

Fast forward to a few weeks later and you now find yourself with a variety of different carrier accounts, invoices all over the Batmobile and you can’t remember which carrier you used to ship that last order.

You’re exhausted, all over the place and wondering if all this work is worth it.

Freightcom to the rescue!

Freightcom’s integration with Shopify is definitely one for the books! You will now have the ability to manage all of your shipments in one location! With our new Shopify plug-in, let us take care of the shipping for you!

You will now be able to:  

Get Real-Time Shipping Quotes
When a client visits your store, they get access to your discounted rates from Freightcom directly so you will  never lose out on additional shipping fees such as extended areas surcharges or residential surcharges! Gone are the days of estimating the shipping costs and assigning a rate; we designed our application to automatically sync your customer's shopping cart information with Freightcom and pull accurate rates instantly. Best of all, with this application, you give your customers the ability to choose which shipping option best suits their needs!

Have Automatic Ordering

Once a purchase has been made on your store, the Freightcom application will collect all of the necessary information from the order and place the shipping order on Freightcom’s portal for you seamlessly.

Flexibility Shipping Options

You can keep your shield down Captain America, because now you won’t have to fight your way around trying to find a carrier with additional services. Yep, with Freightcom’s application, you will have additional shipping options like: business/ residential address option, signature on delivery or even weekend pickup.

Have An All In One Order Screen
You will also now be able to view all the shipping orders made to Freightcom, along with the Shopify order ID, Freightcom order ID, type of boxes used, and the carrier tracking number all in one place! How’s that for organization?

Get Email Notifications
Okay Batman, sometimes we do miss the bat signal in the sky, however, with email notifications you'll587db1695d2100216ed8a0178f5cd8f0 (002) never miss a shipment again! Every time a shipping order is placed on Freightcom, you receive an email with all the details of the shipment including the order IDs, addresses, and the tracking number!

Get shipping labels from Freightcom

Once an order is placed on your Shopify store, you can use Freightcom to automatically create the shipping label for you. Freightcom’s app can print the shipping labels for all your orders in one single click.

Wait there’s more!

Like any great superhero, Freightcom can do so much more than just save you time and money.

So we created the ultimate shipping intelligence- smart packaging algorithm!

With multiple products in varying sizes and weights, packaging them and getting the best shipping quote can become tricky. Well, with the Freightcom application, we have "built-in" intelligence to determine the best box for all of your customer's products based on their dimensions and weight- saving you hours of trial and error. Consider this like a “virtual box” where you can actually place the products in the box and see what fits best! The packaging method generated from our smart algorithm is then used for quoting and ordering to ensure integrity throughout your entire sale and fulfillment process.

Ok, so let’s break it down one more time:

Your Shopify store + Freightcom’s application = Maximum profits – less of your time + more sales+ happy customers, and all that equals SUCCESS!

Interested in learning more? Visit our website at, give us a call at 1-877-335-8740 or send us an e-mail at We can't wait to hear from you!


Written by freightcomblog