World Health Day Giveaway!

⁣World Health Day is a day of global health awareness that is celebrated on the 7th of April every year, and is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many more respected organizations around the globe.

The event is an opportunity for organizations to draw worldwide attention to the major importance of global health, and also marks the founding of the WHO.

In honour of World Health Day, we teamed up with our friends at Rviita & Green Room to give away three amazing health-related prizes!

More on the giveaway in a bit, but first, let’s get to know our wonderful partners.

Meet Rviita


Rviita Energy Tea is a delicious blend of tea-based caffeine, golden organic honey, mouth-watering fruit juice, and vitamins. Their ready-to-drink energy tea is designed to give you clean energy without the crash! 

The founders created the company because a good friend of theirs suffered a heart attack attributed to energy drinks, and so they decided it was time someone created a healthy alternative. Rviita’s mission is to inspire millions of people to be healthier and reach for their full potential. 

We recently caught up with Mitch Jacobsen, CEO of the Alberta & BC based brand to see how Freightcom has been able to help their business. Here’s what they had to say:⁣⁣

“Freightcom has changed our business and allowed us to ship our natural beverages across the country with great rates that we couldn’t find anywhere else. If it weren’t for Freightcom, our online business would not be possible”

Using his nutrition background from competing in men’s physique, Mitch teamed up with Rob and Karly and began formulating a healthier, natural, coffee alternative that tastes amazing.

Now, Rviita is the world’s first clean energy tea in a low carbon footprint beverage pouch. 


"Everything we do, we believe in living healthy, fulfilled, and exuberant life. We believe in helping others become the greatest versions of themselves. "

Rviita is about health. It’s about better ingredients. It’s about better packaging.

With natural caffeine, 30 calories, and no artificial colors or sweeteners, you will love the light, refreshing taste of their energy teas.

Meet Green Room


Green Room is redefining sustainability with natural, ocean friendly, and adventure-ready body care. 

They specialize in high quality and Canadian-made body care with a focus on providing products that are plant and mineral based, multi-use, sustainably packaged, and travel-friendly. 

Their line of products consists of shampoo and conditioner bars packaged in plantable wildflower boxes, traditional bar soap, a reef-safe zinc covering cream, an all natural face lotion, travel tins, and a safety razor.

Formulated and crafted in Metchosin on Vancouver Island, Green Room products have a fun and retro aesthetic that is symbolic of how self-care products should be; inclusive, feel-good, and made the way it should have been done decades ago.

The idea to start Green Room came during a road trip that sparked an excitement and passion for a low-impact lifestyle. During which, founder Danielle Lapointe discovered the need for multi-use, sustainably packaged and travel-friendly body care products!


Green Room’s mission is to empower others to practice conscious consumerism. After all, self care products are used by everyone and if we all make small mindful changes, collectively, it would amount to a huge difference! 

When we asked Danielle about her experience working with Freightcom, here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve really enjoyed using Freightcom! The customer service is excellent and I’ve been really happy with the affordable prices that Freightcom offers our business!" 

Green Room was started with the intention of using business to do good. They don't consider themselves a luxury brand, but rather a lifestyle brand providing multi-use products made with minimal ingredients and packaging to benefit you and the planet.

Designed to travel easy and be as low-waste as possible, Green Room products can be utilized by anyone looking to live more mindfully with less. Their motto is for you to, “Enjoy the journey and leave nothing behind.”

Why are we doing a giveaway? 

Freightcom is proud to support healthier lifestyle choices, as well as SMEs & entrepreneurs of all kinds. 

We want to encourage businesses to make better, healthier, and sustainable choices, while highlighting these businesses for their contributions to world health and sustainability practices in Canada.

Part of running a healthy business is having an efficient & effective shipping process, so we included shipping credit in each prize pack to help businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs make better choices for the health of their business and empower them to focus on continual growth.

What are we giving away?

We’re giving away three prize packs worth $150 each, including gifts from Rviita, Green Room, & Freightcom! Each prize pack comes with a $50 shipping credit!

Prize Packs Include

  • $50 Shipping Credit with Freightcom & ClickShip
  • Rviita Energy Tea Variety 8-Pack 
  • Green Room Body Care Bundle


How to enter?

1️⃣ Step One:⁣⁣

Follow @freightcom_official, @rviitalize, & @greenroombody on Instagram!


2️⃣ Step Two⁣⁣

Go to or click here and register for the giveaway. Complete multiple entries for more chances of winning!⁣

3️⃣ Step Three⁣⁣

Share with your friends and look out for the SECRET CODES Freightcom, Rviita, & Green Room will be sharing on Instagram before the giveaway ends for extra entries!⁣

The giveaway will be concluded on April 14th, 2021 at 3 PM EST. Winners will be chosen at random and contacted separately.⁣⁣ This giveaway is exclusive to residents of Canada and the US. 


Ryan Osborne

Written by Ryan Osborne

Social Media Manager, Freightcom