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Our Customers Know
the Freightcom Advantage

These are just a Few of the Many Stories from Business Owners who Use Freightcom’s Services


For Sam Stuart, owner of the Cochrane, Alberta skateboard shop Shredz, the chance to make a career of supporting the skateboarding community in his hometown was a dream come true. As with any business, however, there are challenges. For all the shop’s strengths, shipping remained a constant pain point. “It’s hard to get competitive rates as a small business; you always feel like you’re getting underserved compared to the big stores.”

Freightcom offered Shredz the competitive edge it needed. “One of my friends reached out to me and told me to try Freightcom. We ran the numbers and they were cheaper on every single package we compared with, so it was a no-brainer.”

When Shredz saw a 70 percent jump in their eCommerce sales in 2020, Freightcom was there to ensure that the sudden scaling was manageable and didn’t adversely affect their bottom line.

These days, Shredz has a wider audience than ever, and a shipping strategy that spans across Canada. Sam recognizes that the shift to a stronger eCommerce model requires a strong shipping partner, and Freightcom is more than happy to help Shredz continue to grow nationally, and even globally.

Lala Hijabs

When Sana Saleh started tie-dying her own hijabs in 2020 as a hobby, it was never with the intention of starting a business. She had been inspired by the tie-dying trend making the rounds on TikTok, and was instantly flooded with comments on her own videos asking where others could purchase the colourful headwear she was sporting. By August of that year, Sana and her husband Mohammad William Saleh decided to fill the need they saw and established Lala Hijabs.

The reaction was beyond anything the two could have expected. “Within two days of launching, we sold everything out.” William explains. Fulfillment could have proven a huge pain point, had Sana not come across ClickShip when setting up the Lala Hijabs site on Shopify.

“It was so easy.” Sana recounts.  “The [shipping and fulfillment] options are just amazing. Had we not come across this app, I don’t know…”

Today, Lala Hijabs is a global phenomenon, releasing new lines seasonally, and shipping to customers around the world, with ClickShip proud to have given Sana and William the tools to help them realize their dream and turn a pandemic hobby into a household name.