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A Transportation Management System for
Enterprise Business Needs

Streamline Your Supply Chain Management with Our Robust TMS

A Shipping Solution Built for Your Business

Shipping freight regularly can be a complicated process with many moving pieces. Freightcom’s state-of-the-art online transportation management system (TMS) helps to optimize your supply chain management by streamlining the shipping process from quote, book, ship, and track all in a single easy-to-use platform.


Top 3 Shipping Challenges

Visual circle shape guide illustrating What Are The Top 3 Shipping Challenges

Managing Multiple Quotes

Comparing rates from multiple carriers without a TMS can be a time-consuming process that takes attention away from other areas of your business.

Selecting the Right Carrier

Different freight carriers have different strengths and weaknesses. Without using a TMS it can be overwhelming and difficult selecting the right one for each shipment.

Tracking Shipments

When using multiple carriers, it can become easy to lose track of shipments’ tracking numbers. A TMS can consolidate all your tracking in one place.

Benefits of Using Freightcom TMS

Wide Range of Carriers Wide Range of

Freightcom partners with the most reputable freight carriers in North America, and gives you access to all of them with zero long-term commitments.

Consolidated Invoicing Consolidated

Shipping fees across all carriers are collected in a single, itemized monthly invoice, allowing you to manage your overhead more easily.

Consolidated Invoicing Dedicated
Account Support

Our highly trained Shipping Experts are available to offer support every step of the way.

All-in-One TMS System All-in-One
TMS System

Our robust platform offers real-time quoting, streamlined specialty services, and end-to-end tracking all in a single place.

Reduced Shipping Errors Reduced
Shipping Errors

Our TMS fully automates the entire shipping process, resulting in a reduction in processing errors, and fewer incidental fees.

Comprehensive Claims Management Comprehensive
Claims Management

Our Shipping Experts handle all claims management directly with the carrier. You provide the required documents, and we handle the rest.

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