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Exploring How the Freightcommerce API Helps Streamline the Shipping Process

Posted on Jul 5, 2024 9:45:00 AM by Brandon Draga


There are multiple reasons why Freightcom is the perfect shipping management platform for small-to-medium-sized businesses across multiple industries.

For all the benefits that Freightcom offers, however, as businesses grow and their needs change, it can be beneficial to have a solution that is more directly integrated into one’s own existing systems.

For businesses looking for that more integrated solution, Freightcom offers our Freightcommerce API.

In this article, we’ll look at what the Freightcommerce API is, and how integrating it into your existing infrastructure can help enhance your shipping easily.

Understanding the Freightcommerce API

The Freightcommerce API allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their shipping processes with their eCommerce and inventory management infrastructure. By connecting directly to the Freightcommerce API, businesses can access a wide range of shipping functionalities and automate their shipping workflows, connecting them to over 50 of the leading pallet and parcel shipping carriers and a variety of shipping services.

With the Freightcommerce API, businesses can easily retrieve real-time shipping rates, create shipping labels, track shipments, and manage their invoicing within their own infrastructure. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, saving businesses time and resources.

Additionally, the Freightcommerce API provides businesses with the flexibility to customize their shipping workflows according to their specific requirements. Whether it's integrating with an eCommerce platform or a warehouse management or 3PL system, the API offers a seamless integration process that ensures smooth operations.




Benefits of Integrating Freightcommerce API

Integrating the Freightcommerce API into a business's shipping operations offers numerous benefits. Here are some key advantages:

Instant Quoting/Rating

The Freightcommerce API can instantly generate quotes on multiple pallet and parcel shipping services from Freightcom’s deep pool of trusted carrier partners, ensuring that you are always able to book the service and rate that best fit your business’ needs on every shipment.

Integration into Your POS

Freightcommerce lets you load Freightcom’s heavily discounted carrier rates directly into your online storefront to not only save you time with order processing but offers your customers discounted shipping rates directly at checkout.

Booking and Document Management

The Freightcommerce API easily generates shipping labels the moment you book your shipment, saving you crucial fulfillment time.

Our API also auto-generates any other necessary shipping documentation such as BOLs and customs invoices. Like your shipping labels, these documents are generated as soon as you book, providing a more efficient fulfillment process.

Furthermore, Freightcommerce provides your business with consolidated, hassle-free invoicing across all carriers and services. Rather than having you keep track of multiple shipments across multiple carriers, we offer you a single, consolidated invoice of all your booked shipments that you can choose to have emailed to you upon generation.

End-to-End Real-Time Tracking

The Freightcommerce API provides you and your customers with complete transparency across the entire shipping journey for every shipment. From pickup notifications to real-time tracking with one-hour polling, and even cancellation notifications, you are always able to keep yourself and your customers in the loop.

Safety and Security

All business and customer data that travels through Freightcommerce is kept private and secure. Freightcommerce utilizes multiple layers of enterprise-level encryption to ensure that you and your customers always have peace of mind.

On-Call Technical Support

Freightcom’s customer support team is full of highly trained shipping experts, and that expertise extends to our Freightcommerce support team, as well. Whether you need support with integration, billing, or anything in-between, they are only ever a call or email away.

Robust Scalability

The Freightcommerce API is designed to scale with businesses as they grow. Whether a business is shipping a few packages a day or handling a large volume of shipments, the API can handle the increased workload without compromising performance.




Enhancing Shipping Efficiency with Freightcommerce API

The Freightcommerce API is designed to save your business both time and money by enhancing your shipping efficiency in several ways. These are just a few examples of how we do that:

Reliable Servers

The Freightcommerce backend offers your business the pinnacle of speed and reliability, with 99.99% uptime and the capacity to handle enterprise-level shipment volumes, so you never need to worry about lost time or revenue due to outages.

Simultaneous Rating and Multi-Rating

Freightcommerce allows you to not only view instant real-time rates from multiple carriers, but also allows you to compare rates for both pallet and parcel services instantly. This greatly reduces the time spent between comparing multiple quotes and booking shipments.

Batch Processing

The API allows businesses to process multiple shipments in a batch, saving time and streamlining the shipping process. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that handle a high volume of shipments.

Seamless, Simple Integration

Freightcommerce makes it easy to get your business’ logistics systems integrated. Our API documentation provides a clear step-by-step guide for your development team to integrate Freightcommerce into your backend fast.


Freightcommerce is Your Solution for Streamlined Enterprise-Level Shipping

Freightcommerce is a state-of-the-art API that brings the power of Freightcom’s all-in-one shipping platform directly to your business’ website. With easy-to-follow API documentation, 99.99% uptime, direct ecommerce integration, and more, Freightcommerce can take your online shipping strategy to the next level.

Request access to the FreightCommerce API today and see how Freightcom can help integrate shipping seamlessly into your B2B strategy.

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Brandon Draga

Written by Brandon Draga

Brandon Draga is a full-time content writer at Freightcom, the leading shipping solution for businesses in Canada. When Brandon is not writing content to help businesses with their shipping needs, he can be found at local skate parks or writing fantasy novels.