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Scalability and Flexibility: Freightcom for Growing Businesses

Posted on May 16, 2024 9:45:00 AM by Brandon Draga



It goes without saying that as a business grows, its needs will evolve and grow along with it. To this end, the tools that a growing business requires will change.

It’s not uncommon to see a business outgrow a particular tool or platform when it reaches a certain size.

Freightcom’s core goal has always been to help businesses grow, however unlike many other platforms and tools that seek to do this, we also strive to grow with your business.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the tools and features that Freightcom offers to help your business ship smarter at every step of its journey.


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Discounted Rates on LTL and Parcel Services

At the core of Freightcom, and at the core of every successful business, is effective, affordable shipping. Freightcom partners with the most trusted LTL and parcel carriers in the industry to provide a wide range of discounted shipping services for businesses at every stage of growth.

Our domestic LTL and parcel shipping services offer better rates across more lanes for businesses of any size, with even more service offerings on cross-border LTL and parcel, as well as international parcel services as your business expands its customer and partner base.


FC - Ship Smart - Lightweight


Freightcommerce: Seamless API Integration

eCommerce is a ubiquitous facet of all modern businesses, and being able to integrate your shipping into your eCommerce strategy can help give your business an edge, no matter what stage of your business growth you’re in.

Freightcommerce is Freightcom’s easy-to-set up, easy-to-use API integration that lets you seamlessly integrate the benefits of Freightcom’s shipping management platform into your company’s website.

Freightcommerce offers benefits for businesses of all sizes, from small startups looking to incorporate shipping directly into their webstore’s checkout, to larger organizations who want to incorporate Freightcom’s rates and shipping management into multiple B2C and B2B channels seamlessly.



Enterprise-Level Scalable Features

As a business grows to the point of needing enterprise-level support, we know that support extends beyond simply booking your shipments.

This is why Freightcom offers several scalable enterprise-level features to help nurture a more efficient, cost-effective, and profit-driven shipping strategy.

Our Enhanced Distributions feature, for example, makes it easy to book and ship multiple shipments of identical weight and dimensions to multiple destinations.

With no upper limit to the number of shipments you can book in a given distribution, you can be confident in maintaining speed, accuracy, and a lower overhead even as your logistical needs grow.

For a scalable tool that can help you manage your shipping department, rather than your shipping itself, Freightcom has an intuitive Multi-Users feature.

Not only can you quickly and easily add multiple users to your Freightcom account, but each user can have custom permissions that will tailor each user’s experience on the Freightcom platform.


Freightcom Enterprise


Key to any effective shipping strategy is visibility and ease in your billing and invoicing. The Freightcom platform offers streamlined, simple invoicing within each individual account, however if your operations have grown to the point of requiring multiple shipping accounts, managing billing and invoicing across those accounts pose a unique challenge.

For businesses who require this level of invoicing and billing management, Freightcom Enterprise provides an elegant solution.

Freightcom Enterprise is a dedicated billing and invoicing platform that consolidates the shipping and invoicing information across multiple Freightcom accounts into one place. With it you can monitor the shipments across your entire company and manage the billing and invoicing of those accounts from a centralized channel.

Freightcom Enterprise is a must-have solution for enterprise-level businesses who want to reduce potential billing errors, increase visibility and accountability across multiple shipping locations, and do so while retaining all the benefits of using Freightcom across their company.


Freightcom is Your Shipping Solution No Matter Your Size


Freightcom’s easy-to-use all-in-one shipping management platform connects businesses with the most trusted LTL and parcel carriers in the industry, offering discounted rates on a wide range of shipping services, all in the most complete shipping management platform, and for zero upfront or monthly fees.

Talk to one of our shipping experts today and see how Freightcom can help you ship smarter no matter how big your business grows.

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Brandon Draga

Written by Brandon Draga

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