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What Are White Glove Services?

Posted on Mar 13, 2020 12:00:00 AM by freightcom

We’ve all had the quintessential delivery experience, which is when the delivery person drops off your product outside your door. Sometimes the delivery person knocks the door, or rings the bell, sometimes with more expensive items you may also be required to sign for release. These are the experiences we’ve gotten used to with our smaller everyday deliveries. However, let’s say you need to ship a couch to your house and want to get it to your second floor bedroom, that is where White Glove Delivery comes in.

White Glove Delivery Definition

White glove delivery is a premium delivery service. When you have any product delivered to you through white glove delivery, professionals wearing “white gloves” ensure that they do everything they can to get that couch you’ve always wanted not only delivered to your door, but to your room with skill, attention and care.

When Should You Use White Glove Services?

White glove delivery services are used predominantly for large products. Which includes but is not limited to refrigerators, large household appliances and furniture. The reason why it is preferred that you use white glove delivery for these products is that they can be easily damaged while shipping and in most cases are also difficult to move.

How Are White Glove Deliveries Priced?

White glove deliveries are priced through three major factors, location, area (of home or business) and product specifications.

1. Location

Location of course is a very important determinant of shipping any product. However in this case where the product is coming from and going to is not the only determinant of pricing, it is also very important that your drop off location be near a service center. The further your location is, the more costly it would be for the white glove professionals to service your delivery.

2. The Area in the Home or Business

In most cases you would use white glove delivery if the area where you want to drop off your product makes it a bit difficult for you to do it yourself, i.e the second floor, corner room of your house, etc. If there are multiple flights of stairs in your house the price goes up, as the difficulty to move the product increases.

3. Product Specifications

If the product is in some way more difficult to move, for example, is quite heavy, or oddly shaped then it would require more labor or time and thus could increase the price of your delivery. If light assembly of the product is needed, this would also be a factor in pricing.

Let’s say knowing all of what we’ve just covered you have concluded that you need white glove delivery for your couch. What do you do next?

How to Prepare for White Glove Deliveries

1. Clear a Path

Remember that white glove delivery though it is a premium service, it is still difficult to move such products from one place to another. Make sure that the path to your designated drop off location in the house is clear of rugs, cables, cords and anything that may cause accidents. Clear a path for the professionals!

2. Cover the Floor

Covering the floor can help you keep your house clean while the move is occurring. We recommend using old rugs, plastic stretch wrap or rubber, non slip pads on the path leading to your area.

3. Be Present at Delivery Time.

As with when you get an expensive piece of technology delivered, it is important that an adult (18 years or older) be present at the time of delivery for your couch. This can ensure your satisfaction with the delivery and can also help the professionals if they need anything moved out of the way etc.

Need White Glove Shipping Services?

To learn more about White Glove Shipping and how Freightcom can help you get your large items delivered, visit the Freightcom Home Delivery page!

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