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What Can (and Cannot) Be Shipped
By and large, Canada’s infrastructure is such that most goods can be shipped safely, efficiently, and most importantly legally, within the country’s borders. As...
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How to Ship Your Pallets Cross-Border
Expanding into cross-border shipping for any Canadian business is a noteworthy milestone. The potential to expand one’s business into the US market is a goal th...
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Shipping Myths… Demystified!
Making incorrect assumptions can mean a whole host of problems for a shipper, from surprise back charges to cancelled deliveries and everything in-between.
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Beyond LTL: Freight Specialty Services
It’s no secret that Freightcom is a leader in LTL shipping management; freight is right there in our name. While we have other notable service offerings like co...
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5 Ways to Grow Faster in 2022
While growth is certainly a goal for any business, the reality is that achieving that growth is not guaranteed without constant work.
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Experience the Future of Shipping Today with Early Access to the New Freightcom Platform
Since 2010 Freightcom has been helping businesses grow with our industry-leading shipping platform. Now we’re getting ready to revolutionize the shipping experi...
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Everything You Need to Know about Bills of Lading
When it comes to an industry as large and complex as freight shipping, there are all manner of documentation that ensures the safe and efficient movement of goo...
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Success Paralysis: 3 Major Fears that Stunt Business Growth
Running a business is hard work. Anybody who tells you any differently is trying to sell you something. Success is not guaranteed, and that kind of uncertainty ...
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Customer Experience and Shipping

With businesses across America losing a reported $62 Billion annually due to poor customer service, there has been a shift in competitive strategy. Customer experience is now expected as a fundamental part of any business.

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