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Beyond LTL: Freight Specialty Services
It’s no secret that Freightcom is a leader in LTL shipping management; freight is right there in our name. While we have other notable service offerings like co...
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Experience the Future of Shipping Today with Early Access to the New Freightcom Platform
Since 2010 Freightcom has been helping businesses grow with our industry-leading shipping platform. Now we’re getting ready to revolutionize the shipping experi...
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Everything You Need to Know about Bills of Lading
When it comes to an industry as large and complex as freight shipping, there are all manner of documentation that ensures the safe and efficient movement of goo...
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Freightcom's 2021 Year in Review
It was difficult for anyone to go into 2021 really knowing what to expect. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, and supply chains still struggling to...
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Unwrapping the Unboxing Experience
Competition in the eCommerce space is fiercer than ever before. While you want your products to speak for themselves, for the average entrepreneur, being succes...
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How to Prepare a Pallet the Right Way
For as long as people have been shipping goods, they have used platforms of some kind to aid in the process. By the early 20th century, the design was refined t...
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Cyber Monday 2021: Is Your Online Store Ready?
Last week on the blog we took a look at the unexpected retail juggernaut that is Black Friday in Canada. Hopefully you now feel geared up and ready to face the ...
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Customer Experience and Shipping

With businesses across America losing a reported $62 Billion annually due to poor customer service, there has been a shift in competitive strategy. Customer experience is now expected as a fundamental part of any business.

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